3 Reasons Why Instagram Video Shouldn't Be A Surprise To Marketers

By Michele Weisman Today Instagram introduced a video feature to bring its 130 million active users a new way to share stories. When users launch the photo-sharing app, they will now see a movie camera icon, allowing them to enter video mode.

Instagram's videos are 15 seconds, more than double Vine's video length. The network gives its users the option to add 13 custom filters and a cover frame for its videos. Instagram videos have a definite beginning and end and do not loop. While Vines are only able to be posted on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram videos have the capability of being shared on multiple social networks. Instagram videos are also easy to edit as you can delete clips of the footage while filming. A new mode, "Cinema," acts as a way to stabilize your video footage.

With the rise of the bite-sized content, Instagram's video feature shouldn't be such a shock to social media marketers. And here's why:

1. It's no longer just about the text. Text is boring. With the rise of short-form content, GIFs and short videos are bringing posts to life. Brands are spicing up their social media content strategy with beautiful and sophisticated imagery, photos, presentations, infographics, and videos. Twitter has already introduced Vine, Cards, and (more recently) music. Marketers have so many options to share moments that can be told via animation. It was inevitable for Instagram to release a new option.

2. The rise in mobile marketing. Mobile internet usage is skyrocketing, which has critical implications for businesses. Smartphones and tablets are vital to the marketing industry. In fact, one-third of Americans own a tablet and 91% own a smart phone. It is crucial for multimedia apps like Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat, to continue to include and update features such as image and video capabilities.

3. Facebook is losing the key under 25 demographic.  Although Facebook has over one billion active users, increased evidence has shown that teens have been spending less time on the platform and more time on Tumblr. Additionally, Snapchat has exploded, gaining popularity among users aged 13-25. Facebook's poke app failed; so in order to compete with the under 25 crowd, the social giant needed to add a video capability to Instagram to keep these users continually engaged.

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