3 Ways to Keep Your Consumers Engaged This Summer

By Mallorie Rosenbluth As the dog days of summer begin to press upon us, folks are hitting the beach, lighting the BBQ, and unplugging from the constant connection the other ten months of the year demand. That's great for mental health, but not so great for brands and marketers trying to maintain the conversation and overall engagement they've worked to establish. But don't sweat it, here are three ways to reach your customers during their summer vacation:

1. Go mobile. Even if people are less connected to their laptops during the summer, they're not less connected to their smartphones. In fact, that's likely the best way to engage with consumers during the summer months, so it's even more important that everything you're posting is mobile optimized. Design custom images with the mobile feed in mind, ensure sweeps--with a simple call to action, like entering an email address (no one wants to take 15 steps from their phone)--are easily entered through any device, and opt for videos you can watch and share with ease.

2. Post rich content and go easy on the text. It's not news to you that rich content like photos and videos perform better on social sites than text-only updates, but even this needs some adapting to meet the needs of the summer consumer. Create content from mobile devices and post directly to Instagram and Vine instead of only sharing photos on Facebook and videos on YouTube. Cut down on calls to action. And most important, stop thinking like a marketer. How do you want a brand to share information and updates with you during the summer when you're on the go? Do you want to read lengthy updates and be asked to comment, like, and share? Probably not. So don't expect your consumers to want to either.

3. Advertise. Sometimes, you DO have to think like a marketer and understand how to cut through the clutter. If people are spending less time online during the summer months, and there are still the same number of brands (or more) trying to engage with them, then you have to boost your message with a bit of advertising. So now's the time to understand your options. Get your Twitter account, access the self-serve platform, and start promoting tweets. Discover all the options Facebook has to offer from sponsored stories (a great word-of-mouth tool) to dark posts (helping you target a specific group of people without blasting your whole community) and test out custom audiences. Give your message the chance to reach as many eyes and ears as possible.

How are you planning to engage with your consumer this summer?