Pinteresting Opportunities for the Healthcare Industry

By Andi Barton Delving into social as a healthcare brand can be daunting and tricky.  A successful social media presence requires a sizable amount of patience, sensitivity, compassion and vision. Despite these challenges, businesses in healthcare have a great opportunity to communicate with their patients and impact their bottom lines using social media. Pinterest gives healthcare brands the chance to educate, showcase, and humanize via visual content. Here's how to take advantage as a healthcare brand:

Educate: Pinterest offers a seamless opportunity to curate your informative content and create a resource hub.

  • Spread Knowledge: Studies show that 60% of all people are visual learners. Educate through Pinterest! Break down boards based on topics and themes that your brand excels in. Within each, you can share a great deal of informative content. Go the extra mile and compile your educational materials into infographics and shareable pieces that will elicit engagement and and sharing from your community.
  • Tips: Pinterest serves as a hub for inspiration. Build out visual pins that highlight health and wellness tips that cover a wide range of topics--these will be highly shareable.  HCF Management is a great example of a healthcare leader in social media. On Pinterest, the brand offers craft ideas for internal activities as well as wellness tips for families.

Showcase: Pinterest offers a centralized location for you to showcase your patients, physicians, and community as a whole.

  • Recognize Amazing Work: Utilize this space to showcase amazing work from employees and express your appreciation. Building boards specifically dedicated to featuring your employees can help motivate and encourage great performance.
  • Boost Morale: Build boards that boost morale for current patients. Not only will you elicit happiness and positivity, but you'll also provide a sense of community for patients. The Massachusetts General Hospital for Children has built an inspirational board that showcases “Special Visits," featuring the uplifting culture, while also engaging on a personal level with patients.


  • Culture Boards: Feature aspects of the inner workings of your brand. Create boards like "Meet the Team" or "Take a Tour" in order to provide an insider look into your company--this will have a strong, humanizing impact.
Healthcare brands have untapped potential to engage and inform their communities on social media. Pinterest is an ideal platform for educating, showcasing, and humanizing via relevant content. As the platform continues to evolve, the opportunities will only grow.

In what ways do you think healthcare brands have potential to excel on Pinterest? Share your thoughts in the comments below!