How @Sosh Is Changing The Way People Share New Things

By Shari Donk Last week, one of my Likeable co-workers messaged me on Facebook with what looked like a generic, spammy message to sign up for some random website. I clicked the link and, to my surprise, I actually loved what appeared on my screen. Sōsh is a site made to change the way people explore, discover, and share new things to do in their city. I thought, "What a great concept! It's like Pinterest for activities." I joined immediately and my co-worker thanked me; my sign-up was his ticket to a free t- shirt.

Sōsh brilliantly decided to run a limited edition program where every time a friend you refer signs up to the website, you receive a free shirt. If you refer 10 friends and those 10 friends sign up, you're the proud owner of 10 new tees.

Marketers online and off can learn a lot from Sōsh, but the biggest takeaway is this: incentivized sharing WORKS. Usually, if I enter a contest or sweepstakes on social media, I am hesitant to share it because it lowers my chance of winning--why would I tell friends to enter when that will just make them my competition? But if I get an extra entry for every referral, I will be more than happy to share. Sōsh took this idea, along with the notion that everyone loves free t-shirts (very true), and came up with a sharing program that has the potential to exponentially grow their user base.

Would I have shared this website with my friends even without the promise of free t-shirts? Maybe. But there's no way I would have shared it with so many if I hadn't known I would be rewarded for it. Within minutes of receiving that invite, I shared my custom referral link across all of my social networks. Within half an hour, 10 of my friends had also signed up (meaning 10 t-shirts were on their way to me), and the buzz about Sōsh was quickly circulating throughout the Likeable office.

Has social incentivized sharing worked for you or your brand? Share in the comments below!