3 Creative Ways To Re-Purpose Blog Content

By Brian Murray

There are plenty of amazing companies and personal brands out there. But even the best blog post has a shelf-life in terms of promotion--realistically, how many times can you tweet the same article? Part of a successful social media strategy is determining how much content you should create versus how much should you curate. Sure it's great to curate other’s content but why not share your own blog content in new forms? By re-purposing past content, you can revive it and introduce it to new audiences. Here are three creative ways to re-purpose blog content:

Make Videos with Vine/Instagram

Video platforms, like Vine or the new Instagram video, have the ability to reach your visual, non-reader audience. Recently our Marketing Director, Michele Weisman, took my post "3 Best Practices for #Hashtags" and transformed it into a Vine video for Likeable Media. The process was simple: she took the main points, printed them out and had one of our Account Managers, Frank Ramblings, do a quick voice-over. This creative use of Vine enabled Likeable to start a new conversation about a blog post that was over a year old.

Create Presentations on SlideShare

Slideshare is platform that allows users to share presentations on a network that is business focused. As with the previous example, you can take content that you have already produced and re-purpose it into a deck to be shared with your professional audience. Consider including a link to the original blog post to continue to drive people to your blog. Keep in mind that you can post on SlideShare at the same time as your blog, but you can also do this after-the-fact to extend the content's shelf life.

Drive Leads with an E- Book 

By curating your blog content into an e-book, you can reach the non-daily internet user and collect prospective clients or customers. An inbound marketing tool, such as HubSpot, makes it easy for you to have your audience submit their information in order to download a PDF you’ve prepared. Likeable Media has in the past created E-books by collecting a series of original Likeable Daily blog posts and transforming them into a PDF.

What examples of creative re-purposing have you seen? Do you think these ideas will work?