3 Reasons To Get Your Brand On Tinder Immediately

By Carrie Tylawsky If you stay up to date on social happenings, chances are you've heard about the new dating app that has taken the world by storm - Tinder. Originally scoffed at for being a new version of "hot or not", Tinder is getting the manpower behind it that is making it a serious contender in the marketplace. So why should you consider doing something on Tinder? 

  • On Monday, July 15th, Tinder officially launched on Android, making it available for the massive majority of smartphones in the market place. In a social world where the vast amount of content is consumed through mobile, the relevance of this for Tinder is enormous.
  • Compared to traditional dating sites like Match.com or OkCupid, Tinder actually has the functionality that would allow a brand to be on there without creeping people out. It's so noncommittal to join that there is very little hesitation to check it out and potentially see your brand's advertising.
  • Want to try it as a test? Tinder is local, spanning only a few miles from your exact point of location. What better way to see what kind of conversation you can generate than through a controlled localized initial test?

Have you seen any brands jumping on Tinder? Share your thoughts/comments below!