4 Ways Brands Can Innovate with Music App Songza

By Brian Honigman

Songza is a free streaming music service that helps listeners find playlists that match their mood, situation, or current environment--working out, commuting, or eating dinner. The app has picked up 4.8 million monthly active users and is continuing to grow. Brands have the opportunity to utilize Songza as another means of connecting with their audience by curating and creating playlists that articulate their unique perspective. The music service has already partnered with many companies, including DVF, Ecko Unltd, Paper Magazine, the Weather Channel, RadioShack, and StumbleUpon. Each company has created playlists on the service to provide their audiences with valuable content fit for the social web.

Here are four ways brands can innovate by tapping into the power of Songza in a meaningful way.

1. Incorporate Daily Activities

Songza’s success lies in offering playlists to fit any mood or emotion relevant to a time of day or year. Brands can use this to their advantage by creating playlists that fit perfectly with common activities consumers participate, thus establishing an association between the brand and daily life. Piperlime did just this with its Dance while you Dress playlist, choosing fun, light songs suited to women getting dressed to go out for the evening. The playlist fits Piperlime’s brand, while tying into a preexisting consumer behavior.

2. Sync with Company Events

Properly marketing your events is crucial to ensure attendance and build a connection with your audience before, during, and after the event. Using and promoting a playlist at your event can help add another layer of value for your attendees, helping your company connect potential customers with the music they already love. Mercedes-Benz did this by creating one of the first wide-scale Songza playlists for Fashion Week. This playlist was curated by Mercedes to include tracks that the fashion-forward were listening to, associating the event with the best of class in music. Use a playlist at your events, but be sure to match the music with the interests of your audience, the theme of the event, and the right facets of your brand.

3. Highlight Your Company’s Perspective

The emotions associated with your brand are essential for its success. What better way to drive home the emotions you’re trying to convey then through music? Create a playlist conveying the perspective, mood, or values your company stands for. For instance, Zappos employees created an Audio Happiness playlist of their favorite mix of happy, upbeat pop, rock and R&B. There’s something to be said about having some fun and showing the human side of your business. The Zappos playlist helps convey this quite clearly, helping to reinforce some of the core values they are known for, like happiness and openness.

4. Drive Promotions

Giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests are a major driver of interaction with your online audience, helping your company generate buzz and gather important data about potential customers. Thrillist held a summer giveaway offering an iPod touch filled with all the songs from its summer party playlist on Songza. Thrillist’s approach allowed contestants to listen to the music at anytime to see what they could win, helping to build excitement around the offer. Thrillist provided value to the audience and had the support of Songza to help spread the news of the contest along the way. There’s nothing quite like quality content to help bolster the success of your campaigns.

Are you using Songza personally or professionally? How could your business use music to strengthen your marketing efforts? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Brian Honigman is a freelance writer, content marketer and social media consultant. He's an active contributor to Mashable, the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Forbes and others. Follow his tweets on all things digital @BrianHonigman.