Ditch The Logo: One Quick Tip For More Engaging Content

By Ramon Thompson

It’s becoming increasingly hard to produce engaging visual content that cuts through the clutter. Here are two ways that you can create more engaging images that your fans will share with their friends. I’d like to introduce the concept of “themed” vs. “branded” content images.

Themed images are ones without prominent logo placement; brand recognition is achieved through the style of the images and choice of copy:

Branded images are ones where the brand logo is featured prominently in each image. This type would be seen on an image that are direct advertisements for a product.

Why should you consider going “unbranded” for any images that aren’t directly advertising your product and company? Two reasons:

1. More space for the actual creative image.

2. More freedom to design an image with a more subtle message, that often times results in a MORE engaging content piece, that is more likely to be shared.

When should you use branded images?

Save your logo for situations where having it adds brand recognition, such as when posting about your company's products or services. Having a sale that your promoting in a promoted post? Slap your logo on there front and center! Was your product named best-in-class? The entire image could be your logo!

With photos making up 93% of the most engaging content on Facebook, it's important to consider ways to make creative visual content that doesn't always seem to be an advertisement; leaving your logo out of an image gives you the freedom to create visual content that resonates better with your fans.

What's your take on themed vs. branded content? Which have you found most effective?