How To Use Tumblr To Build Your Brand Narrative

By Tiffany Hopkins In order to develop an ongoing relationship between your brand and your consumer--beyond a sporadic retweet or like--you need to provide regular, engaging content. This content should align with your brand's identity and mission, while also reflecting the interests of your consumers. Unfortunately, accomplishing this on Facebook and Twitter is proving more and more difficult thanks to the saturation of brands on the two platforms, as well as the short lifespan of status updates and tweets. So it's no surprise that many brands are turning to Tumblr to establish a narrative that continuously engages social communities.

Check out the three brands below for tips on how to use Tumblr to build your brand narrative:

Oscar de la Renta: Many of us will likely never own Oscar de la Renta's pricey red carpet  creations, but the brand's Tumblr, run by SVP of Global Communications Erika Bearman, gives fans an up-close look at the iconic fashion house. Photos of the famed designer with Hollywood starlets past and present, exclusive peeks inside the design process and fashion week prep, plus Bearman's witty musings on pop culture such as the new Kanye album, can all be found on the brand's Tumblr. They come together to shape a brand narrative that celebrates the history of the brand, the craftsmanship behind the designs, and  a cultural awareness uncharacteristic of most high-end fashion brands.

Whole Foods: When it comes to stand-out brand Tumblr pages, Whole Foods' Dark-Rye is one of the bunch. The brand has utilized Tumblr's blank canvas to create an online magazine that perfectly aligns with its mission to be more than just a food retailer. Dark-Rye features brand exclusive content such as this cocktail recipe, while also integrating audience relevant content from other sources across the web like this bread recipe from The result is a diverse array of photos, articles, GIFs, and quotes to complement the Whole Foods brand and engage the target demographic.

The Hunger Games: Tumblr proved to be the perfect platform for film studio Lions Gate to promote the first Hunger Games  movie. The studio launched "Capitol Couture," a magazine  featuring real runway fashions that could be found in the film, as well as character profiles such as a day in the life of Effie Trinket. No other platform could have successfully brought to life the  Hunger Games on-screen experience to social media other than Tumblr, successfully extending the buzz and excitement for the movie beyond the confines of theaters.

Don't think your brand is right for Tumblr? Here are four reasons why your brand should reconsider Tumblr.