LinkedIn Gives Companies a Voice

By Shannon Maguire The networking powerhouse LinkedIn recently added a new (and welcomed) feature to its company pages. You are now able to act as your company while managing your profile and engaging with followers on the page. This new feature has given companies the ability to develop individual voices and personalities, helping to optimize a presence on LinkedIn. But, what does this mean for your company?

Being able to interact with your company’s LinkedIn following allows you to brand yourself further on social. Every brand or company has a specific tone on Facebook and Twitter, but LinkedIn is a different world. You want to make sure you are properly displaying your company’s values, goals, and accomplishments in a personable, yet professional way. The more "real" you are, the more you will attract quality employees and even new business.

Discuss your company’s image with your team and decide how you want to appear to potential applicants. Is your company laid-back or more straight-laced? How active will your company be on LinkedIn (especially important for companies with larger followings)? Once you have a better idea of your goals on LinkedIn, you can start to build and/or strengthen the voice of your company.

My hope for the next update to company pages, is that you would be able to act as your company everywhere on LinkedIn. Imagine if you were able to act as your company or brand while contributing to relevant groups or even being able to endorse your employees. Yes, it may be similar to Facebook in that respect, but you wouldn’t be attracting consumers, you would be drawing in prospective business and employees. In other words, as a company on Facebook you sell your product, but on LinkedIn you sell yourself.

What do you think of the new feature? What do you think the next step will be? Share your thoughts in the comments below!