11 Celebrity Tweets You Can Learn From

By John Kultgen Don’t be fooled into thinking celebrity tweets are just thought broadcasts from the rich and famous. Stars embody a strong personal brand. Like companies, they have marketing goals such as:

  • maintaining brand image
  • connecting with current and prospective fans
  • listening and engaging with their followers

Twitter offers the perfect opportunity for celebs to simultaneously interact one-on-one with a fan AND reach millions simultaneously. (Of the top 10 most followed accounts worldwide, 8 are celebrities.) Companies can take a lesson from Hollywood in what to do (and what NOT to do) on Twitter.

1. Announce big releases on social media

During the VMAs, users voted for Katy Perry’s next song release.

At the end of the night, Katy obviously took off the boxing gloves she’d been wearing for her “Roar” performance and revealed the results via Twitter.

2. Be timely (but don’t force it)

Comedian Robin Williams an opportunity to jump on a trend when he noticed the buzz-worthy Kim Kardashian wearing an outfit that was relevant to his iconic body of work.

Williams didn’t just tweet about a popular topic. He brought a popular back to his personal brand in a way that made sense.

3. Establish unique, simple hashtags

When Kobe Bryant joined Twitter, his first tweet immediately owned a unique hashtag you can still search eight months later.

4. Recognize users

Celebrities (like companies) are nothing without their fans. It’s important to thank them…

And to let them know that you’re listening.

5. Play off of pop culture

Celebrities do so well on Twitter because it’s a hub for pop culture. If brands make their mark in other pop culture mediums, it can boost you even a decade later.

Toaster Strudel was mentioned in the 2004 film Mean Girls, and ten years later the film still gets attention on Twitter.

6. Be bolder

Social media has certainly lowered the bar on censorship. Look at what pro-baseball player Brandon McCarthy tweeted.

ESPN would’ve never aired that kind of stuff. Celebrity tweets circumvent media outlets’ censorship. As a result, consumers are demanding a more relaxed, humorous, conversational tone from all accounts.

You tell ‘em Sofia.

Now let’s talk about the wrong moves that celebrities are teaching us.

7. Proofread


8. Be prepared to apologize

Tyra meant well, but I can see the potential backlash with this. With any tweet, brands should be prepared to apologize and respond negative outcries as quickly as possible.

9. Give Context

Cher, what is this hot water bottle graveyard?! WHY!?!?

There you have it. Did I (@JohnKultgen) forget any dos and don’ts from other celebrity tweets? Share in the comments below!