3 Ways To Further Your Brand Message On Tapestry

By Samy Simorangkir

By now, you should have heard the mantra of online marketing that "Content Is King." A unique, interactive, and visually-appealing way to share compelling content is through the mobile app Tapestry. Users move through each "page" of a Tapestry with a finger tap on a smartphone or tablet (or a click of the mouse when viewing in a desktop browser). A key difference that sets Tapestry apart from other slide platforms like Slideshare--besides being highly mobile-friendly, of course--is the fact that there is no back button or skipping around. As a marketer, this gives you more control in the way your content is presented, without viewers completely relinquishing their freedom of how to consume it. Also, at the end of each story, there is an option to share on Facebook or Twitter, making the content highly shareable. So how should you start using Tapestry to further your brand message? Here are 3 ways:

1. Tell Your Story

Connect with your audience on a human level by sharing the history of your brand or what goes on behind the scenes. How did your founders start your company and what motivated them to do so? Why do you do what you do? What goes into making the product or service that you provide? Sharing background information and showing the love that goes into your product could foster the passion that current customers already have for your brand--or stimulate interest in a newcomer.

Click below to see how small business owner Darcy Lee obtains merchandise for her San Francisco store.


2. Demonstrate How To Do Something
Could your consumers benefit from step-by-step instruction on how to use your product? Use a series of diagrams--or, even better, moving images in the form of GIFs--to give your consumers a fun way to learn something new. Tapestry's slideshow-like function lends itself well to "how-to" guides. It sure beats reading an instruction manual!
The "how-to" format could also be used in a tongue-in-cheek way to describe the steps of an activity relevant to your brand. A Tapestry promoting the film The Way, Way Back shows you How To Have The Summer Of Your Life:

As a movie trailer of sorts, this also shows how you can use Tapestry to tease an upcoming release.
3. Call To Action
Create a visual essay that powerfully concludes that the viewer should use your product or service. Illustrate the problem that your brand aims to solve and how you can solve it. Goal-setting app Everest does it well in this motivational Tapestry:

And at the end of each Tapestry, don't forget to add urls and social handles to drive your audience to your sites and networks.

What are your thoughts on Tapestry? Do you have any other ideas on how it can benefit brands?