5 Reliable Places To Get Social Media News

By Cara Friedman Social media marketing is a booming industry. Back when it was a new concept to businesses and marketers, Mashable was the must-read blog for all your social media news. Now that it has grown to the size it is today, marketers need more focused content to satisfy their needs. In fact, 23% of marketers are investing in blogging and social media this year, a 9% increase from 2012.

Is this social media news? Yes. It discusses social media (with a strong emphasis on Facebook). But it's not really what a social media marketer is looking for--they're wanting to learn when to create compelling real-time content or how to captivate your fans using the newest platforms. While Mashable provides this information, it is harder to find since it is mixed in with the Watercooler and Entertainment content. Below are some must-read resources for the social media marketer:

1. SocialMediaToday

Social Media Today collects the best social media writers from around the web to report on social media news for businesses. Writers need to submit and meet specific criteria before being published. The content is focused mostly on social media for marketers, the customer experience, and specific network updates.

2. Techmeme

Techmeme curates content from across the Internet to deliver the top social media news for the day. The best part is that for each topic or breaking news story, Techmeme provides links from all the publications that mention it. This gives you a full 360 perspective on the topic from all the points of view on the web.

3. Jon Loomer Blog

Jon Loomer advertises that his content is for the advanced Facebook marketer. Rather than best practices for growing a community or scheduling content, Loomer focuses on manipulating and mastering Facebook as a platform. For tips and tricks for the advanced user, this is the place to look.

4. MediaPost

MediaPost is a great resource for the media industry in general. Check here for news on events and awards, see highlights from what other brands are doing in the social space, and stay up to date on industry news (not just social media news).

5. Alltop

The social media section of Alltop gives you a birds-eye view of everything happening in the world of social media. Alltop pulls in the top 5 stories from the most popular publications to give you a look of everything being talked about in the world of social media. It's your job to sift through and find the important stuff!

Bonus: Likeable Daily

At Likeable, we are committed to providing valuable social media content for businesses and marketers every day. Likeable employees and guest writers provide thoughts on new platforms, social media updates, and how to best use social media for your brand.

What social media blogs are your go-to resources? Share in the comments below!