Don't Worry Too Much About the Latest News Feed Changes. Here's Why:

By Charlie Balk On Friday August 23, Facebook made more tweaks to the News Feed algorithm with the goal of "Showing More High Quality Content." Feedback from surveys determined that Facebook users don't like seeing the same content again and again. (I know, what a surprise, right?) So the social network improved the algorithm to filter out content that's a meme, spam, low quality, or likely to removed by a user from the feed. As a marketer, all you need to know is this: Keep creating high-quality, timely, relevant content that would appeal to your audience (and Facebook audiences generally) in order for your post to reach the greatest number of people. Read the key points from Facebook For Business' blog below.

Facebook's goal is that users "don’t miss the stories that are important to them. As part of that we want to make sure that the best quality content is being produced, surfaced and shared. Our latest update to the News Feed ranking algorithm helps ensure that the organic content people see from Pages they are connected to is the most interesting to them."

To accomplish that, Facebook created an algorithm that "uses over a thousand different factors, such as how frequently content from a certain Page is reported as low quality (e.g., hiding a Page post), how complete the Page profile is, and whether the fan base for a particular Page overlaps with the fan base of other known high quality Pages."

And what should you, as a marketer or business do? Well, Facebook answered that, too: "Make your posts timely and relevant. Build credibility and trust with your audience Ask yourself, 'Would people share this with their friends or recommend it to others?' Think about, 'Would my audience want to see this in their News Feeds?'"

If your business and pages are likeable, you're already doing this. Keep doing it.

Also, one last thing to focus on: Facebook repeatedly uses the words "timely and relevant" in its description of "high quality" content. It's important to recognize the current conversation occurring on Facebook in order to become a part of it. The only time being relevant is a bad thing is when you ignore what's relevant to your particular audience in crafting your content; be mindful of this risk in your efforts to be a part of the trending talking points. (I'm talking about you, Miley.)

How do you create high quality content while remaining timely and relevant? Read the full update from Facebook here. To learn how to break through the social clutter, download our free whitepaper.