How to Capture Your Fans' Attention Using Vine

By James Reichert  Vine's most recent update added new features that have helped this video-sharing network strike back against Instagram. Since this update, Vine has climbed back into the top 10 most downloaded free mobile apps and now sits at #6 today (Instagram currently ranks at #13).

So you're wondering how to capture your fans' attention using Vine? Well Vine's new features open up a wide array of tools for brands to interact with their followers in ways that far surpass the capabilities within Instagram, even with 9 fewer seconds to work with. 

How can brands leverage Vine and its new features?

1. Be Kind and Revine: Rewarding your followers by sharing their Vines via this new feature will entice users to join in on the conversation. This is a great way to connect with your followers on a higher level and turn them into advocates for your brand.

2. Listen and Respond: On July 15th Honda launched a one day campaign alongside its Summer Clearance Event where they sent a personalized Vine to people that used #WantNewCar within their tweets. This initiative shows how powerful real-time content plays in social media today, as well as just how powerful Twitter is as a social listening tool.

3. Perform Outreach: A cool way you can perform outreach within Vine itself is by searching the new channels. There are 15 different channels--with themes from food to fashion-- that allow you to easily search through Vines that fit into each theme. This allows you to easily jump in on conversations with potential advocates.

4. Make it Fun and Engaging: Using six seconds to connect with your followers is tough. So keep your content clean, concise, and fun to grab their attention without trying to force too much into that short amount of time. You want to remember that your audience doesn’t only want to be educated about your brand, they want to join in and talk about it with you.

What new features do you want to see Vine's next update? What do you think Instagram’s update will entail? Share your thoughts in the comments below.