Why It Pays To Get Creative on YouTube

By Dylan O'Shea When most companies think of capitalizing on YouTube they think “How do we make a video that goes viral?” While this may seem like the obvious way to get your brand noticed by the millions of people who watch YouTube video’s daily, there is another approach that does more than just gain views.

Try Interactive YouTube content. Make your videos or advertisements go beyond just watching a standard video. Here are some examples of what others have done.

To promote "The Expendables" movie release, this interview featured an “explosive” element. Taking it a step further, the film "This is the End" ran an integrated marketing campaign inclusive of “interactive” YouTube ads that didn’t highlight the movie itself but instead focused on the cast. In the ads the cast would be getting ready to do something stupid and right before it was about to happen the ad ended and the user was left with a decision as to what they wanted to see. This led users down a path of engagement with the film and its cast that was not only funny but allowed them to feel like that actually connected with the stars of the film prior to its launch.

Don't worry, you don't need to rely on movie buzz to get this kind of engagement. Plenty of brands that are taking advantage of these same types of videos.  This original video from Tipp-Ex received over 20 Million views and elevated the brand into greater public awareness.

Rather than trying to find lightning in a bottle by creating the next viral hit, start thinking outside of the box and look at the different ways you can turn what may end up being a relatively average video into an engaging and memorable interactive experience.

For more information on how to start creating these types of experiences check out YouTube's quick overview here.

(One more example that really displays how far you can take it ... Google Chrome Fastball Video)

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