3 Tips for An Entry-Level Employee in the Social Media World

By Mandi Boyd Social media is a constantly evolving industry, and if you're an entry-level employee in the social media world, it can seem intimidating. It demands an out-of-the box mindset, along with the passion required to stay afloat. This sort of preparation is not something you can gain from reading a college textbook, but something you have to develop after being immersed in the social media world.

As a semi-recent college graduate, I wanted to share a few tips for the entry-level employee in the social media world.

1. Listen

Social media has a lot of evolving terms, and the simple ability to truly listen will help you. There is a big difference between actively listening and waiting to speak. Pick up key terminology and tactics when you're dealing with colleagues, community management, client relations, and the industry as a whole. For example, when responding to a fan as a representative of a brand, you must be able to understand the voice of the brand on each of its platforms. Make sure you've been listening to what the client stands for on each of its networks and what is most important when communicating with their customers.

2. Be Transparent

It's important to remain honest and open when it comes to social media. If you've made a mistake, admit it, apologize, and move on. However, there's a difference between being publicly transparent and revealing private or confidential information.

For example, if a fan posted an aggravated comment on your brand’s Facebook page demanding the location of their package, there are several ways to respond. An incorrect response would be to give the personal tracking number over the Facebook page. Another incorrect move would be to say "We don't know, but it'll arrive soon I'm sure."

Transparency is about publicly telling a customer what to do to make their experience better. “Thank you for reaching out, please call customer service at  this number to help us track your issue." An even better response is, “Stewart, we are so sorry to hear about your experience! We have looked into it and there was a tiny glitch in our delivery system but your package is scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning.”

3. Keep learning

As I said, social media is an ever-evolving industry. Aside from your daily job tasks, you should be researching social media news. What's the next big network? Who is the main demographic on your clients' pages? Stay ahead of the curve. Never be afraid to ask questions, attend events, and embrace your inner nerd.

What is your best advice for entry-level employees in the social media world? Leave your words of wisdom below.