4 Tips For Getting Featured on SlideShare's Homepage

By Michele Weisman With more than 10 million uploads and 60 million unique visits a month, SlideShare has emerged as the leader in making presentations social. Often described as the “YouTube for slideshows,” SlideShare allows businesses and individuals to upload, store, and share presentations, as well as documents, PDFs, videos, and webinars. The network is so valuable that LinkedIn acquired Slideshare to help professionals be more effective and productive through the content they create and share.

However, a recent poll from RSW/US revealed that ad agencies love LinkedIn, but not as much as SlideShare. In fact, 46 percent of 300 agency big wigs described LinkedIn as the “most important” social media vehicle for generating new business leads, as opposed to only 21 percent who use SlideShare to market their agencies to prospective clients.

At Likeable Media, we love SlideShare and upload content often. Last year, I examined how brand marketers can utilize this platform effectively. Getting featured on SlideShare's homepage can increase page views, social traction, and followers. Let's take a look at how you can get your content featured on SlideShare:

1. Write a powerful headline. A strong, succinct headline, that is both intriguing and gets your message across, is critical for getting people to click on your presentation. Just like in any piece of online content, it's important to include SEO keywords; SlideShare generates significant traffic via search.

2. Create an enticing, catchy cover slide to attract a large audience. A picture is worth a thousand words. Slideshare allows brands to share their stories through visual presentation with customers, prospects, and the world at large. No matter if your company is new or old, large or small, a national brand or mom and pop store, everyone has a story to tell. The cover slide should tell that story and be as visually appealing as possible.

3. Keep viewers engaged. Your presentation should be so captivating that the viewer will want to click through until the end. Design is also a key component to fully captivate your message. Take a look at one of my favorite presentations on SlideShare as an example.

4. Tackle a news-worthy or trending topic . Content that performs well on social media is always timely. Create presentations around hot topics in your industry. Lists perform well too. Remember to be trend-setting and something others want to emulate.

For more tips on how to get your content featured on SlideShare, check out SlideShare's tips here

What are your tips for creating meaningful content on SlideShare?