5 Things to Learn From Other Social Media Professionals

By Bonnie Cruice I've been in the social media biz for about 5 years, and I love every minute of it. Social media marketing runs in my veins. Ok, maybe that's a little dramatic, but it's true. What I do every day on social media makes a difference for people. It's great to have a job that I enjoy that also matters to those with which I connect.

Working in social media over the years, I've been to many social media conferences, made amazing connections with other social media professionals, and learned a lot from them.

Here are 5 things I love learning from other social media professionals that make me a better community manager:

1. How they are monitoring and managing content. Many brands are using third party software like Spredfast or Radian6 to create content and monitor their channels. It's a challenge to find a software solution that's the perfect fit for your brand, so it's nice to get recommendations before testing a product.

2. How their social team is structured. Every brand is tasked with the challenge to build a lean and mean social team that is creative, effective, and responsible enough to be the brand's social voice. There are so many different ways companies try to accomplish this, but restructuring your team is an expensive experiment to undertake! Get inspiration on what works well with other brands without having to do find out the hard way.

3. How to surprise and delight fans. My friend Ben recently connected with an awesome social media manager from MasterCard named Gregg. After hearing about some of the creative ideas Ben has been implementing at his company, Gregg sparked a new campaign to surprise and delight people on social media. Here's an example:




4. How to use new social media channels. Get to know other social media managers who are always testing out new channels. Have friends who like to Vine or enjoy a good Instagram photo challenge. Surround yourself with other social people that stretch your talents and creativity. Social media is not a place to be complacent!

5. How to encourage others. Nothing is more important than having a group of people who can sympathize with you when you get a horrible Facebook comment, or when your tweet sparked an unexpected public outcry. I've been in meetings where we enjoy a good venting session and then start to challenge each other on how to do it better next time. Get to know your social media peers. You need them, and they need you.

Social media is a 24/7, relentless job. It's a passion. But a passion needs to constantly be fueled with sparks of creativity. If you are looking for a great way to meet other social media managers that will help inspire and motivate your daily mission, the Community Manager Recharge conference on 10/28-10/29 in Philly is perfect for you. As a thank you to the Likeable Daily readers, use the code LIKEABLE for $100 off. Hope to see you there! I'm speaking on Ways to Make Boring Content Fun. So I better make that fun. :-)


Bonnie Cruice is the co-founder of Community Manager Recharge social media conference and a jet setting blogger extraordinaire, is the driving force behind the creative content and award winning social media presence for the world’s largest mutual fund company. An adventure seeker and former Philadelphia Phillies ballgirl, Bonnie is passionate about making real connections, online and off, while serving others (and having a great time!). You can follow Bonnie on Twitter at @bonniecruice.