Consumers – The Hardest Working People in Social Media

By Mallorie Rosenbluth As social media marketers, we often think we have the toughest and most demanding job out there. We work long hours and have demanding clients or senior execs. We serve the role of customer service, product development, PR, branding, copy, designer, and more. Plus, we have to drive sales AND awareness AND push new initiatives. 

But despite this crazy list of job responsibilities, there's at least one group of people who work harder, have greater demands coming at them from all angles, and have more tasks to complete in a given day: the consumer. Here’s why:

1.You Must Respond – When you actually make your way over to a brand’s Facebook page, there are two numbers that are prominently displayed: the total number of likes and the number of people talking about this. Since that number was made public-facing, brands and agencies alike are frantically measuring the engagement level. The success (or failure) of social media efforts is dependent on the consumer liking, commenting, sharing and interacting with a brand’s piece of content. With 1,500 messages hitting a user each time they log-in to Facebook, that’s a lot of pressure and a lot of liking, commenting, sharing and interacting. To cut through the clutter, make sure you’re asking the right questions and find ways to incorporate your brand into the newsfeed, rather than stand out as an intrusive advertisement.

2. You Must Enter – One of the most successful ways brand can get people to engage and respond is to incentivize the action you’re hoping to get from them. Do you want to collect email addresses? Of course you’ll run a contest through a third party application. Looking to get more comments or shares? Use Facebook’s new lax promotion policy. Give away your product! People will do whatever you ask! How many photo/ essay contests has your brand run in the last year or two? Now multiply that by about 40 (that’s the number of pages the average Facebook user likes). That’s a lot of photos, email entries, essays, videos, etc. If you want your community to enter your campaign, make it compelling, make it different and make it simple. No one wants to work that hard for your product. 

So before you slam your head into the desk, remember, the consumer is presented with literally thousands of messages and requests from brands every day. And in our marketing world, they’re the boss.

What has your brand done to stand out and cut through the clutter to engage consumers? Do you ever feel bombarded as a consumer?