Get Ready for Instagram Ads

By Tim Bosch Instagram ads will be coming within the next year, according to the social network. This is exciting news for brands who invest in great Instagram content. Since its start, brands have been restricted to only gaining growth organically through content creation and campaigns.

Regardless of what is said about the size of social followings, no brand should invest in a platform if the cost of doing so heavily outweighs the size of the audience. This rule includes Instagram.

Ad units on social media typically help brands (1) grow their communities and (2) get their content seen by their communities.

Typically, one of the the primary goals of every social media marketer is to build a highly targeted, engaged audience. Organic discovery can be a daunting task on social media. Hopefully, Instagram ads will solve the challenge of audience building!

Getting your targeted audience to engage with your brand's content in a positive way is  another common objective on social media. In order to engage with the content, you will have to make sure your audience has the opportunity. This is where Instagram will likely offer brands sponsored posts to reach a higher % of their followers. I predict that Instagram will hold off on placing sponsored posts in non-followers newsfeeds. Disrupting non-followers' newsfeeds will risk backlash and could do serious damage to the platform’s popularity.

Instagram ads should enable brands to grow relevant communities and communicate with them far more efficiently. Thus, advertisers will be making their overall Instagram marketing investments more worthwhile. The challenge is to figure out how to add paid advertising without threatening Instagram's cool factor.

What ad units do you expect to see in the coming year from Instagram?