Why "LIKE This Post" Should Be Your Call To Action

By John Kultgen

As a writer, I spend a lot of time thinking of the best way to ask a social media user to complete a specific action (comment, share, etc.) when there is little content attached to a post. The goal of any successful piece of content is to elicit a response from the community. Often the best call to action is the bluntest - to get engagement on Facebook, tell your audience to “LIKE this post.”

While the value of a Facebook “like” is widely accepted as how your brand can master the news feed algorithm, you need to know how to get those “likes.” I’ve had co-workers and clients express their skepticism on this. “Why should you tell people to ‘LIKE this post’ anyway? It seems ad-like. Pushy. Unoriginal.” Look at it this way - you’re being extremely clear with your fans, and you will achieve your goal.

Take a look at what two amazing brands are doing on Facebook.

Users obviously responded to being told to “LIKE this post.” But it’s crucial to notice that these commands come attached with a choice. Taco Bell and Dunkin’ Donuts are only asking people to like something “if” they’re declaring a desire.

When you use this tactic, make sure users are liking it in order to declare a characteristic or want. Examples:

  • LIKE if you’re ready for Friday.

  • LIKE if you believe that honesty is the best policy.

  • LIKE if you’ve ever known someone with depression.

If others managing your Facebook page are resisting this call to action tactic, at least ask them to give it a try. It’s no more shameful than telling people to visit a link or to leave comments below.

Oh, and that reminds me, leave comments below if you have an opinion on this and would like to add your thoughts.