3 Tips For Planning Your Holiday Campaigns

By Dylan O'Shea The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and with it come the hordes of advertisers all vying desperately for your attention.  This year consumer spending is expected to increase 11% during, so it's no wonder so many brands are flooding the market with holiday campaigns that feature great deals and offers.  But with all of these brands competing, how do you make sure your holiday campaign gets noticed? 

1.Integrate your campaign into multiple channels to gain maximum reach and provide sustainability.

Make sure your campaign not only lives online, but across mobile & social media as well.  This year, marketers are planning on integrating across multiple channels more than ever and its no wonder why. 66% of Black Friday purchases last year were the result of a social media interaction, and mobile is expected to have an impact on 87% of all holiday purchases.  With the outburst in recent years of activity on mobile devices and social media, make sure your campaign is not only accessible on these platforms but take advantage of the features it has to offer.

2Differentiate yourself from the competition.

This holiday season, over 70% of marketers plan to use some sort of promotional offer to try and get consumers to engage with their brand.  While discounts or trips are a nice reward to give away, they aren't exactly the "wow" factor that will distinguish your brand among the hundreds of others.  Think outside of the box.  What type of experience can you provide that will get your target audience excited not just because of the prize they could win?

3Tap into the spirit of giving.

The holidays are the perfect time of year to not only reward your customers, but also allow them the opportunity to feel good about doing something.  Whether you partner with a non-profit organization or allow people to create a silly e-card to share with friends, they will appreciate the experience that much more and feel good about their decision to participate.

Do you have any other good tips brands can follow to get them noticed this holiday season?  If so, please comment below.