Social Media 101: How Do You Know Which Network To Use? (Part 1)

By Shira Dinour Do you often find yourself asking the following questions: When should I use Facebook vs. Twitter? Do I need an Instagram account? What’s Vine? In today’s world, it seems like the social media landscape is constantly changing and becoming increasingly more confusing. How and when you should use social media can become a full time job. In this 10 part series, I’ll be delving into each network in the hopes to help you decide which network you should be using when executing a social media campaign.


To date, Facebook is the go to social media network for brands. With 1.15 billion users worldwide, it certainly has the largest reach of all. But is that enough? Why should your brand be on Facebook? Facebook has increasingly become very brand friendly with the different changes it has made to its algorithm, innovation in tools and technology. But, you do have to know who the current Facebook audience is. While it still skews young, the 45- to 54-year-old age bracket has seen 45% growth since year-end 2012. Among U.S. Internet users, 73% with incomes above $75,000 are on Facebook (compared to 17% who are on Twitter). Eight-six percent of Facebook's users are outside the U.S. So, if your business is marketing to teens, Facebook might not be your first priority.

Facebook is one of the only networks that allows for Photo, Video, Article and Text. Another added value for Facebook is that you can create tabs to continue to communicate and engage with your community without needing them to leave the page. Tabs also a great driver to getting new users to your page. Think of it as a “microsite” that you can easily update, change and remove for various promotions, events, etc.

Last but not least is the power of Facebook Ads. Facebook advertising is literally turning the ad space on its head. Not only can a brand target on traditional demographic, psychographic and geographic data, it can also target based on users interest, likes, engagement etc. A brand can get very granular in its advertising approach and become extremely efficient in how it advertisers with very little waste.

How do you determine if your brand should be on Facebook? Share in the comments below!