Indexing Likeability Part 1 of 3: What Makes A Brand Likeable?

By Cara Friedman If I were to ask you, "is your brand likeable?" would you know the answer? Sure, you may have a general idea about how your customers feel about you but what about beyond that? Do you really have a pulse on how people fee l about your brand? Probably not. One of the problems with figuring out whether you are likeable or not comes from not really understanding what being a likeable brand means.

In order to measure likeability, we need to understand where it comes from. Below demonstrates a hierarchy of needs to establishing likeability. To reach the ultimate goal of being likeable and making the sale, you need to fulfill the necessary requirements.


Building a decent sized-community is the first step towards being likeable. To have any sort of impact, you need to have an audience. What use would your content or sales pitch be if nobody was there to hear it?


Once you've established an audience, it’s time to focus on communicating with them. To be a likeable brand, you must create compelling and engaging content. Whether you choose to communicate through Facebook updates, tweets, or blog posts, the important thing is to focus on the quality of the content.


Once you have an audience to listen to you and content to provide, the next step is to focus on the conversation. Interactions between your brand and your consumers are critical. Not only should you be talking to your community and providing value, but you should also be receiving feedback.


When you have a large community that is engaging with your compelling content, you want to make sure that they are doing so positively. Numbers can fool you. You want to have all the previous elements of the hierarchy, but with positive sentiment.


The hierarchy is complete when the customer makes a purchase from you. While your company’s goals should be to engage with your customers, create connections with consumers, and provide value to your community, your goal is ultimately to increase sales. In order to show true ROI from your social media efforts, and for people to really like your company, you need all of the elements of the hierarchy.

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