Why You Should Know Everything

By Corey Smock I have an idea that can help market your brand using social media.

The idea is to know everything.  All that there is.  All that there has ever been. Are you with me?

If you’re not, it may be because knowing everything seems like a challenge. It’s not. The internet is a valuable tool. There is a wealth of knowledge being served to us on a daily WiFi platter and it’s so easy to access some of us do it before getting out of bed.  But, we still don’t know everything in the world.  So what’s the hold up?

Know everything is a concept that I picked up while studying improv comedy at the UCB theatre in New York City.  The first rule of improv is that you always agree with your scene partner. So what happens when your scene partner brings up a topic you know nothing about? It’s awkward. The solution is to know just enough about any topic that you can proactively contribute to any scene.

Keep in mind, the idea here is not to become an expert in everything. That type of behavior would drive you mad. Most of us are lucky if we become an expert in one thing over the course of a lifetime, let alone all things. This idea is different. Take a topic, any topic, and learn its key points and takeaways. Learn a brief history, important or interesting facts, what is its relevance to the world? Know enough to be able to engage in conversation about it coherently.

This ideology is a lovely tool to market your brand. When it comes to social media, if there is a product or service, somebody, somewhere is talking about it.  It doesn’t take an expert to reach those people. But, it does take a person who knows everything.

For example: I’ve never seen the TV show Breaking Bad. But here’s what I do know: Albuquerque, Walter, Heisenberg, I am the one who knocks, Skyler, Jesse, magnets!, yeah science!

I could NOT tell you about Walter’s character development from Season 1 to Season 5, but I’ve learned enough to where I feel comfortable engaging with Breaking Bad fans on social media. To most, I know Breaking Bad.

Knowing everything can only happen on your terms. Have a curious mind. Ask yourself, what have I learned today? If you aren't familiar with something, become familiar with it. Use the internet, that’s what it’s there for! Next time you have a few spare minutes, pick five things you don’t know anything about, and discover a few things about each of them. You never know when they are going to come up in conversation.

Why should you know everything? It will help to build a relationship with your social audience. It will increase engagement and bolster lasting customer interactions.  Strive to know everything and there won’t be a person that you can’t connect with on some level. Building brand equity starts with making connections and developing loyalty.

What have you learned today? Comment below with how you applied your new knowledge towards a personal interaction!