Taking Advantage of LinkedIn Showcase Pages: A Guide

By Kelly Byrd The social platform and services updates are rolling in just in time for the end of the year.

Following the growth of LinkedIn Company Pages and their focus on original branded content, the network has introduced Showcase Pages for companies to feature brands, products and/or business units separately.

With 238 million members on LinkedIn, this is a big opportunity for anyone who works in/on branding, marketing, PR and, of course, social media.

Think this is a small announcement? You may be surprised by how important this network has become.

How to make the most of LinkedIn Showcase Pages:

1. Get Creative

As the social network with the dominant professional-focused audience, most LinkedIn Company Page posts have been focused on industry news and perspectives, company blog posts, thought leadership articles and research, and job opening announcements. These dedicated pages are a great opportunity to feature fun, creative content and visuals that may not have been shared on this network in the past.

2. Tell, Don’t Sell

Following the Company Page format, Showcase Page followers will be looking for updates on brands, products, business units or initiatives, but this is not a place for sales messaging. With this addition, LinkedIn is looking to expand the amount of original content shared via the network. If you want to expand the reach of a Showcase Page post, use the Sponsored Updates option.

3. Choose Wisely

Showcase Pages allow for content segmentation to distinct audiences to ensure that what you share is seen by those who will find it most engaging. Up to ten Showcase Pages per business may be set up by Company Page administrators by opening the “Edit” drop-down menu and selecting “Create a Showcase Page.”



How do you suggest that companies take advantage of Showcase Pages? What are you looking forward to seeing featured on Showcase Pages?