Don't Talk About It, Be About It: Social Brand Identity

By Rachel Pannullo Social media is not a space that brands can utilize, but rather a space that brands MUST utilize if they want to remain relevant. The original social platforms are continually adapting and evolving, while newer platforms continue to emerge – resulting in a wide variety of platforms to showcase your brand. Each social platform requires a unique approach, but one thing should remain consistent: your social brand identity.

So why does a brand identity matter?  At a very basic level, your brand identity is the essence of your brand; it is the look and feel, your voice, and your promise to your consumers.   In a competitive environment that has more options than ever before – what your brand stands for is more important than it has even been.

A clear, well-executed brand strategy will result in the following:

1. A promise

The result of a clear and cohesive brand identity across all social platforms is a promise to your fans. If executed properly, your community will know who you are as a brand. They will know what you stand for, and most importantly – you will have managed their expectations, so they will know exactly what they are going to get with your product and service.

 2. Brand loyalists

Few things are more valuable to a brand than creating and growing a community of brand loyalists. A clear brand identity that reaches your target audience in the proper voice, whether emotional, humorous, or informative, is one of the first steps to cultivating this hugely important community.  A fan will purchase your product; a brand loyalist will buy one for themselves, one for everyone on their holiday shopping list, and afterward get everyone together to talk about it. One brand loyalists is worth 50 fans.

3. Credibility

This is a big one. When you communicate your brand identity across multiple social platforms you are putting your brand identity on display for everyone to see. Follow-through is crucial to success; nothing spoils a great idea like poor execution.  You are making a promise to your fans, and they will very quickly know if you can’t back that promise up. But, when you do back it up – you will earn their trust, their loyalty, and have gained credibility in the eyes of the consumer. So, as the saying goes: don’t talk about it, be about it.

Many brands communicate their brand identities cohesively and intelligently across all social platforms. What are some of your favorites?