Indexing Likeability Part 2 of 3: Why Do I Want To Be Likeable?

By Cara Friedman Here at Likeable Media, we have always valued being a likeable business above all else. But why? Facts are, as much as consumers would like to think that they make purchase decisions solely based on hard facts, the truth remains that we live in a world of emotional decision makers. Consumers base purchasing decisions on their personal feelings toward a brand, connections they may have with that brand, and ultimately how likeable they find a brand. Here are some surprising stats that will make you want to be more likeable:

  • An ad’s likeability accounted for 80% of whether it was remembered later. (Source)
  • About 38 million consumers in the U.S., ages 13 to 80 years old, admit that social media influences their purchasing decisions. (Source)
  • A social share of an online product will drive an average of $2.04 direct revenue to the online retailer. (Source)
  • On Twitter, 22% of users have purchased something after tweeting, retweeting, or favoriting a tweet, and on Facebook that number goes up to 33% of users who are sharing, liking, or commenting on a post. (Source)
  • The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) Copy Research Validity Project found that scaled response about the likeability of a commercial was the single best predictor of sales effectiveness. (Source)
  • 4 in 10 social users have purchased an item in-store after taking a social action. (Source)
  • 55% of consumers are more likely to purchase when a product has a high rating. (Source)
  • Social media drives not just online purchasing, but in-store purchasing as well – and at about equal rates. (Source)







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