2013 Social Media Wish List

Dear Santa,

Another year, another wish list. Not all, but many of my wishes have come true over the years! We've seen conversation on Twitter, we've seen document uploads on Facebook, and we've even seen analytics on Pinterest. This year I have a new list of wants and needs for social media in 2014. Santa, please deliver!

1. E-commerce on Pinterest. I go to Pinterest to discover new things - so now I want to be able to buy those things directly from the site. Similar to how you can make location boards, let's make e-commerce boards!

2. Reality check for Facebook. Santa, it's time Facebook is given a reality check. They are just not a real-time platform so they should stop trying to be one. The first step would be to drop hashtags. There's a time and a place for the perfect hashtag but Facebook isn't it.

3. Secondary social targeting. Maybe I'm being greedy since Facebook advertising targeting is so great, but I want more! Wouldn't it be great if we could target fan's friends on special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays? If targeting had a secondary reach, we could accomplish a lot more!

4. Links on Instagram. Currently we can't add links in our Instagram posts. If we could, we could link to rules, entry forms, etc. and open up a whole new area of social campaigns. This is an easy one. Grant our wish.

5. Ability to "like" tweets. I literally ask for this every year and I won't stop until I get this. Consider this the "pony" of my social wish list.

6. More social integration. Why can't all sites be a social experience? I expect more from sites like Hulu, Netflix, and even Amazon! A little social integration on major sites like these can go a long way. Let's give them the opportunity.

7. Gifs everywhere! Gifs are here to stay so let's make them easy to use. Giphy is a good start, but we need to be able to easily create and post gifs in all of our favorite places (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

8. Useable analytics for major networks. Technically you fulfilled your end of the bargain by giving us analytics on Twitter and Pinterest, but it's not enough. Facebook Insights allows you to dissect your content and social media performance. Twitter and Pinterest just show me the bare minimum. For 2014, I want a more robust analysis.

9. Scheduling for Instagram. It's official. Instagram is a crucial community my brand needs to manage. Therefore, I need to be able to schedule photos!

Okay Santa. Work your magic! Can't wait to see what you bring us in 2014.

S.W.A.T. (Sealed with a tweet!)

Cara Friedman and the Likeable team!

What would you wish for from Social Media Santa? If you agree (or disagree) post your favorite numbers in the comments!

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