How The Jackson 5 Can Help Plan Your 2014 Social Media Strategy

By Shari Donk

The Jackson 5 is most well known for their song ABC. We all know having a brand on social media isn't as easy as 1-2-3. However, when thinking about social media strategy in the year to come, the Jackson 5 hit it right on the head. How? See below.

When thinking about 2014, keep ABC in mind:

Anticipate changes in the social space. In 2013, we were introduced to a number of new social networks, including Vine. There were also enhancements to social networks that already existed. Change is inevitable in the world of social media, so embrace it. Leave room for upcoming networks in your strategy.

Benchmark against 2013 to set KPIs. You worked hard in 2013! Don't let all that hard work run down the drain once the new year begins. Take some time to really analyze your year. What was your average engagement rate? How much did your fan base grow? Where were your fails and where were your successes? Knowing this information will help set up realistic goals for 2014 and ultimately allow you to have a successful year.

Cross-network contesting. 2014 is the year to expand your strategy onto multiple networks. There are tons of ways to take your content and contesting cross-network. For example, showcase fans' Instagram photos on Facebook. Try sending Facebook fans to YouTube to view exclusive content. If you are running a campaign on Vine, have users check back on Twitter to see their videos premier from the brand page. Cross-networking will only grow your fan base further.

Now that we have ABC down, let's look at 1-2-3:

ONE million webpages automatically connect to Facebook (MediaBistro). Does yours? If not, can your social sites be accessed through your .com site? If not, 2014 is a great time to get that started!

TWO billion users will be on social media by 2016 (MediaBistro) - This is for those social media skeptics still out there. No one wants to be late to a party. If you're not on social media today and don't plan on being there in 2014, you will be kicking yourself by 2016.

THREE-quarters of brand marketers still view live trade shows and conferences as either “very valuable” or “essential to doing business.” (Business2Community) - Social media is just a piece to the puzzle. Trade shows and conferences are also a great way to get your brand out there. But while you're there, think of ways to you can incorporate a social element. Can you add a hashtag? A Four-Square check in? Keep those top of mind so attendees keep YOU top of mind

ABC. 1-2-3. 2014 will be a great year if you stick to these 6 key insights. Thanks Jackson 5!

What other statistics or strategies is your brand keeping in mind when planning for 2014? Tell us in the comments below!