How Sports Teams Are Capitalizing on Social Media

By Dylan O'Shea I am an avid Sports fan who proudly keeps up with news surrounding the best teams (in my opinion, at least).  And I find that the best way for me to do this is through the use of social media.

Social media gives the latest breaking news, as well as exclusive looks into the industry. I even find rare deals on tickets and apparel.  Did you know that on the popular ticket site “Crowd Seats,” 1 in 3 orders comes directly from social media?  I myself have purchased numerous tickets from friends looking to get rid of them on social media.

Aside from the financial benefits that social media has had on sports (there is a direct correlation between attendance at baseball games & the amount of twitter mentions a team receives), the platform has improved the overall experience for fans that can’t attend games.  Imagine, just 10 years ago you would have had to try and relive the instant classic that was Auburn vs. Alabama by waiting for the game highlights to air on television, the web or by reading about it in some article.

Today you get live tweets with play by play action, pictures on Instagram from virtually every angle of the stadium, and videos on YouTube of incredible fan reactions that you can watch whenever you like and much more.  It’s almost like you experienced it first-hand.  Oh and by the way, you may even notice a few brands that are capitalizing on the moment themselves through the production of real time content.

Sports have always been a unifying and binding force in bringing people together and enhancing social experience.   So it is no wonder that social media has had such a drastic impact on the way fans interact and experience sports.

Although sports have polarizing figures and fan bases, they are a prime example of how brands can engage and grow a passionate and loyal community through social media.

Do you know of any other ways the sports industry capitalizes on social media?

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