How to Improve the ROI of Your Year-End Campaign

By Mallorie Rosenbluth

It's that time of year again; the weather is getting colder, the hot chocolate is steaming and brands are launching year-end campaigns all over social media. It seems every company will put out a promotion or offer over the next few months. They'll vary in complexity and tempt users with a variety of goodies and rewards they can receive. And why not, right? It's also the time of year for giving and, as such, a time when a prize or deep discount is greatly appreciated. But how can you make sure your community engages with your campaign and you don't put your organization in the hole when it's all said and done? Here are a few tips to consider:


1) Make sure your prize or offer is appealing: Take time to reflect on what you've learned about your community. Do they go crazy for free shipping? Maybe it's a gift with purchase or a certain percentage off that works best. Don't give away whatever you have leftover in inventory or, even worse, offer 10% off. Now's not the time of year to insult your community with a marketing ploy. Add value and think about what will appeal to them. If you do that, they'll be more likely to invest in your brand.


2) Keep the barrier to entry low: If getting your holiday offer requires more than a email entry to redeem, the consumer will get frustrated and spend their time - and money - with another brand who makes it easier. The holidays are always a hectic time of year, so make sure you're taking that into account when you're building the offer. Consider a community exclusive code that requires a "like" on Facebook or a follow on Instagram. Now's not the time for a 20 step Pinterest campaign. Save that for the new year.


3) Set up conversion tracking: If you want to be able to track conversions beyond your Facebook page and accurately measure social ROI for your holiday promotion, make sure you're setting up your company website, your ads (yes, social ads as well!) and any other microsites or links with appropriate tracking. You'll never be able to tell the story if you don't do a little leg work at the start.


4) Have a real conversation about ROI: What does ROI mean to your organization when it comes to social? Does it only have financial implications? Are you focused on web traffic, email acquisition or raising awareness for a new product launch? Determine what success looks like - and how you'll measure it - before you even begin brainstorming ideas for your campaign. If you're main focus is generating revenue and increasing sales, how long will you measure it? What are the long-term implications of the campaign? Consider all the options, set realistic metrics, and go get 'em!


What is your organization doing to ensure you have a successful end of year promotion? What are the best campaigns you've seen so far? Let us know in the comments!