Vine: 2013 Highlights

By Mandi Boyd

Vine, a mobile app owned by Twitter, allows users to create and share 6-second videos. Shortly after launching, along came Instagram’s video sharing capability, leaving many wondering what Vine’s future had in store. Luckily, Vine has established its place among the social media networks throughout this past year.

1. Big Personalities

A number of users have been able to grow their persona and fandom from scratch--to the point of fame. Brittany Furlan and KingBach are the proclaimed King and Queen of Vine. They have mastered the art of entertainment in 6 seconds, establishing fan bases in the millions. Other Vine-made celebrities include Jerome Jarre, Marcus and Cody Johns, and Nash Grier (as seen on Good Morning America). Despite their diverse backgrounds, they have all managed to build entertainment empires. Some have even been enlisted by brands to work as sponsors of products to help increase awareness and interest.

2. Brands

Several brands have taken to Vine successfully. General Electric, for example, encouraged users to capture science experiments and use the hashtag #6SecondScienceFair. The company even created a Tumblr account to host the GE #6SecondScience Fair, showcasing all of the user-generated content. Target, on the other hand, produces its own content: real-time, stop-motion, and animation vines. Trident took a different approach and enlisted the support of the Vine stars mentioned earlier.

3. Dancers, Singers, Musicians, Oh My!

As Vine is the perfect social platform for creative expression, it’s only natural that artists have flocked to the app by the masses. The amount of talent that’s been packed into a 6 second video is remarkable: from Amymarie Gaertner, a dancer and choreographer from Cleveland, Ohio, to singers like Chelsea Kennet, and Anna Clendening--who express a great amount of gratitude for their fans and followers and even take requests. A couple of Vine’s noteworthy musical artists are OscarWylde, MarksBasementRecords, and Trench.

4. Trends

One of the top trends on Vine is executed by many of the visual artists on the social app: stop motion vines. Stop motion is an animation technique used to create the effect that objects are moving on their own. It’s generated through a series of images taken with little movements made in between photos and displayed as a continuous sequence. This takes an enormous amount of time and patience, so a 6 second Vine is the ideal outlet. Some significant stop-motion artists are Tee Ken Ng, and Pinot. Another top trend on Vine this past year is creating relatable content. Users share a moment of frustration or happiness that they believe the general population can relate to. A prime example of a #relatable vine is Jerry Purpdrank’s rendition of the hard life of the third person walking on a skinny sidewalk. Many relatable vines incorporate a sense of satire to play up the comedic element. The third and final trend invading Vine this past year is #ScareCam. Scare Cam is the art of capturing the exact moment in which the Viner scares a victim. For a better understanding of how ScareCam works, or for a great laugh, please reference this YouTube video.

5. Celebrities

Ellen DeGeneres is famous for her contribution to the #ScareCam trend. She even encourages others to use the hashtag #EllenScares. Most of her Vines are lighthearted and filled with backstage footage, sneak peeks of upcoming episodes, and silly glimpses into her personal life. Harry Styles is another celebrity who has established a strong presence on the platform. He shares his behind-the-scenes views into life on the road with his 1.6 million followers. Last but not least, the final celebrity worth mentioning is David Henrie. Most of David’s Vines are comedic plays on the #relatable trend. There are many more celebrities active on vine than the three highlighted here but I feel it is safe to say that Ellen, Harry, and David are great examples of celebrity Vining done right.

6. One Giant Leap for Vine-Kind

On August 20, 2013 Vine announced that it had reach 40 million followers. Considering that the app was only launched on January 24, 2013 this was a grand accomplishment.

Vine has established quite a presence in the social space this past year. It has created a space for people and brands to share a short clip of their talents, extraordinary moments, comedic moments, experiments, learn, and their life in general. Who would have thought that 6 seconds could make such a huge impact? For Vine's second year in the social space, I predict the implementation of ads in the form of branded content. While most ads are viewed negatively, this could be a great way for brands to show off their creative abilities.

 What are your predictions for Vine in 2014? Do you have a favorite Vine star you think should have made the list? Care to share a brand that nailed it on Vine? Please feel welcome to join the conversation below!