3 Life-Hacks in Honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day

By James Reichert  Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day! Today marks the 4th year of this holiday celebrating the individuals who serve as the voice, tone, and heart of their online communities. No day as a Community Manager is ever the same, as we are constantly in the trenches of various brand pages, battling platform issues and bugs (especially when it comes to a certain platform that starts with "face" and ends with "book"). As a little way to show how much I appreciate my fellow CMs, I'm sharing some tips, tricks, and life-hacks that can come in handy when juggling multiple brand pages.

1. Utilize a folder in the bookmarks bar.

Need to get to one of your brand pages in a hurry? Set up a folder with all of your pages so that you can reference each community across multiple platforms in just one click. Time management is a vital skill when managing multiple online communities, and this little hack will save more time than you think.


2. Create a Facebook List to check if your posts are hitting the News Feed.

Have you ever checked out the “Bugs & Known Issues” section of Facebook Help? If so, you've noticed that there are many entries pertaining why and how posts are not showing up in the News Feed. In fact, a month or so ago there was a widespread glitch that affected brand pages that were scheduling their posts using Facebook’s native scheduling tool. A great way to quickly determine if your posts are hitting the News Feed is to create a Facebook list with your brand’s pages on it--if they are showing up on the list, they are showing up in your fans' feeds.

3. Refer to Facebook Insights for more accurate post stats.

This may appear to be an obvious one, but with all the changes to the mystical Facebook algorithm, you need to be certain that your posts are actually reaching your fans. The post reach that is displayed on the bottom of every post does have some bugs at times (shocker, I know) and will display a number that is clearly inaccurate. To get a more accurate reading on the fly, go into Page Insights and scroll down in the overview section to see the stats of your last 5 posts. You could dig a little deeper and go into the more robust areas of insights, but the overview is perfect for quickly referencing the latest stats. Pro-Tip: Throw a little money behind a post if you notice that it is performing well and has a high organic reach; sponsoring it will greatly increase its overall performance.

What tips and tricks do you have for managing online communities? How will you be celebrating Community Manager Appreciation Day? Share your thoughts in the comments!