4 Social Networks You Aren't On (And Should Consider)

By John Kultgen

It’s the new year. You’ve got your fresh social marketing budget and some hefty new year’s marketing resolutions to fulfill. (Unlike your go to the gym, you’ll have to stick with your January goals for quite some time.)

When it comes to social media, you’re probably asking yourself where your brand should expand to next. My advice - the largest networks or the most recognized might not be the best choice for you. For instance, Instagram is great for brand awareness, but currently it doesn’t drive website traffic. Think about your goals, and think about these lesser-thought-about networks that could bring your brand a high return.

1. Soundcloud - This is a social network for sound, not just music. Compared to Spotify, it’s easier to find and to communicate with people you don’t know. Users can publicly comment, and the network has quick search capabilities. Recommended for: Brands that can use any type of sound to draw in users. For example, The Harvard Museum of Natural History showcases rarely heard animal sounds on their Soundcloud account.

2. YouTube - Okay, everyone knows YouTube. Yet, brands often forget that it’s a social network. Because YouTube is part of Google, your videos will have higher search optimization than hosting on other video platforms. Recommended for: Smaller brands and start-ups really trying to get their name out there through online search.

3. Meetup - With around 10 million registered users, Meetup offers the chance to encourage in-person interaction with a brand. It’s an alternative to sending out a Facebook invite or email. Recommended for: Brands that frequently have a goal of high in-person attendance to events.

4. Reddit - Much like Twitter, Reddit is the perfect source for gauging the current feeling around different topics. Specifically, you can find the latest memes and popular videos and feature them on your networks before they hit the mainstream media. Recommended for: Blogs and news sites. If you’re hoping to feature viral content, Reddit is one of the first places you should start your daily research.

Did I miss anything? Write below - What other networks do people not talk enough about?