How to Keep Your Social Media Accounts From Getting Hacked

By Keith Murray Were you one of the 4.6 million Snapchat users to have their information leaked recently? Hacks happen more often than online platforms would like to admit. You need to take care of your social network accounts. After all, it's messaging you or your brand is putting out there on a daily basis.

Companies spent 5.1% of their IT budgets on security in 2013, but there are also no-cost habits that can tighten security. Here is my recommended list of social media resolutions for 2014 to beef up your social media security:

1. Change your password regularly.

You should change your password on a consistent basis. I get that this can be annoying, but it also helps keep you safe online.

2. Make an effort to have different passwords.

Don’t reuse the same password on every site. It can be difficult to remember all these passwords, so keep them all written down in a safe and secure place. Try a password manager that stores all of your passwords and requires just one code for you to always remember.

3. Start under sharing on social media.

Sites ask you for a lot of personal information, but don’t share unnecessary information if it isn't required. You don’t need to have your full name, home address, and birthdate fully accessible on social media.

What are some security methods you use to protect your passwords and accounts?