Top 5 Social Media Conferences To Attend In 2014

By Jo Hague Each year there’s an overwhelming number of social media conferences to take your pick from. I’ve researched and scheduled numerous speaking engagements and attendances for the staff at Likeable Media, so I know that there are some social media conferences worth going to over others. Here are my top five:


Austin, Texas

March 7th-11th 2014

This is best for seeing cutting-edge technologies and showcasing digital creativity. Get ready for 5 days of innovative presentations, programs and panel discussions. The festival gives you a sneak preview of what's new and what to watch out for, plus a myriad of networking events with industry leaders.

Social Media Marketing World

San Diego, California

March 26th-28th 2014

Possibly the largest social media conference there is. Have fun and make new connections face-to-face with some of the biggest names and brands in social media and marketing. Take the opportunity to gain new insights, share thoughts with top experts and pick up new ideas and tips. The whole event is pitch-free and the aim is for you to leave feeling inspired!



September 15th-18th 2014

The marketing conference that really does have something for everyone. Participants will be challenged, learn about new initiatives and walk away feeling enthused. You'll have the chance to meet like-minded people and try out the latest software - with a helping hand from Hubspotter experts if you need it. Speakers at the forefront of their field will bring you their game-changing ideas to empower you and give you the tools to transform your business.

Social Shake-Up

Atlanta, Georgia

September 16th-17th 2014

Attend this event if you want the latest best practice tips and the opportunity to share challenges with associates. You’ll participate in engaging break-out sessions that focus on business success that translates outside of the conference room walls. Furthermore, you can experience keynote speeches presented by principal thought-leaders and companies.


Hollywood, California

November 17th-19th 2014

Meet and connect with leaders and associates at this annual summit - really witness how others are doing things! See live case studies that will help you to identify challenges, develop strategies to overcome these and then distill this into your own business. Examine new trends and discover contemporary technologies and what they can mean for you and your customers.

What are your top five social media conferences for 2014 and why?