3 Ways to Create Killer Content

By Mike Mitchell

Besides their perennial “Where do babies come from?” query, children are always asking, “How does online content go from ideation to publication?” Gotta love kids – so predictable.

While there is no set of hard-and-fast rules to decisively answer this, I do recommend the following guidelines for creating killer, engaging content.

1. Get to Know Your Audience The Community and Account Managers here at Likeable have great statistics and experiential evidence surrounding their brands' communities. Talking with them, picking clients’ brains, and doing the homework on each brand’s aesthetic provide Content Strategists like myself a solid place to begin.

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2. Experiment with That Knowledge Let’s look at one of Likeable's clients: Corkcicle. As with all of our brands, we aim to make content for Corkcicle that strongly resonates with its community’s likes and interests, such as – you guessed it – drinking wine: Here, we took the most relevant activity for fans of the brand and concentrated its application to one particular day with a national scope. (Yes, “National Drink Wine Day” is a real thing. Look.) Then, we encouraged engagement by mocking up the content piece as a badge and writing a call-to-action: “Wish your friends a Happy National Drink Wine Day by sharing this!” It got 1,727 likes, nearly 3,000 shares, and a slew of comments.

In addition to enjoying their vino, the Corkcicle fans have a great sense of humor. We played with that, too: We invented a wine-related word with a tongue-in-cheek definition and put it on an image that's funny enough to begin with.

3. Find the Sweet Spot By applying knowledge that the Facebook-fan demographic skews female, we discovered the effectiveness of something quite specific, and therefore valuable: humor with a female voice.

First of all, this was our Valentine’s Day post this year – meaning it was time-relevant. More importantly, its sassy, pithy voice captures the kind of humorous honesty that a glass or two of wine can bring out. And to top it off, the splashing red wine cleverly evoking a heart for the holiday could well make someone thirsty. We saw great organic engagement, particularly shares, on this one.

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Now go get 'em. Do your research, apply your findings, and start creating engaging content.

What are your tips for creating engaging content? Share below!