5 Secrets to Real-Time Marketing Success

By Elana Lyn Gross What was our biggest takeaway from the Oscars? It wasn't that Adele Dazeem is the biggest star on Broadway or that everyone should cheat on their hairdresser and sneak off to Jared Leto's, it was that a single real-time tweet could have a phenomenal impact. Twitter recently released a report on the reach and impact of tweets from the 2014 Oscars. It found that: "From Sunday at 5 p.m. ET until Monday at 5 a.m. ET, tweets about the Oscars were viewed over 3.3 billion times worldwide." Twitter then illustrated the impact that one tweet can have by showing the reach of Ellen DeGeneres' selfie with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

It is clear that real-time marketing like this is a great way for brands to quickly engage with their audiences. Below are five best practices for real-time marketing success.

1. Listen. Brands that constantly listen are more able to react quickly.

2. Be relevant and authentic. Real-time marketing efforts often fail because they do not tie back to the brand and, as a result, they seem inauthentic. Brands that are successful at real-time marketing are able to find creative and engaging ways to join the conversation while staying loyal to the mission of the brand.

3. Prepare. One of the most crucial elements to real-time marketing is being one of the first to react; however there is a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes. Brands that do well with real-time marketing may not know what specifically they will say, but they do have a team in place to react and can anticipate possible situations and responses.

4. Engage. Brands that are extremely successful at real-time marketing are able to make people interact and engage. This can be achieved by using a dedicated hashtag or  trending topic or creating content that is easily sharable.

5. Provide value. Provide value with every tweet or post. Brands that do well with social media aren't talking just to hear themselves talk--they are providing value (whether its by teaching something new, giving back, or entertaining).

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