5 Things Brands Can Learn from Broadway

By Rachel Hadley As the TONY Award deadline rapidly approaches, the energy of this year's Broadway shows are in full swing! This year's newest additions to The Great White Way are taking to social channels and reaping the benefits. Below is a list of five things brands can learn from some of Broadway's newest (or upcoming) shows:

1. Build anticipation.

Leading up to Opening Night (or a new product launch), remember that small things can build excitement for your community. Showing images and videos can go a long way!


2. Leverage opportunities.

Idina Menzel became a household name shortly after John Travolta mispronounced it at the Oscars. "If/Then" began previews two days later and announced the role played by Idina would be played by Adele Dazeem. The post went viral in the Broadway community and showed a softer side to the production and its star.


Idina also had the opportunity to generate additional buzz for the show by appearing on multiple national shows, leveraging the popularity of FROZEN's Oscar-winning song, "Let It Go."

It's important to capitalize on events in real-time, not just focus on the brand.


3. Use unique hashtags.

All too often, brands try to capitalize on trending or generic hashtags. A quick Instagram search of #Hedwig returns more than 41,000 mentions -- most referring to the famous owl from the Harry Potter series. #HedwigOnBway is a unique hashtag that allows fans to scan and share media relating to the highly anticipated return of Neil Patrick Harris to Broadway.


Do your research when picking a hashtag. Make sure it's not too long, speaks to your audience, and is not already cluttered with content that doesn't make sense with your strategy.


4. Offer exclusive access.

In addition to building anticipation, behind-the-scenes images and videos provide fans with insider information and generate excitement. Showing videos of rehearsals and interviews can make fans feel more connected to the show.


5. Reward your followers.

Last but not least, fans will engage if they are rewarded with tickets, discounts, or even tchotchkes (making them mobile billboards for your brand).


What types of interactions make you want to engage with brands on social channels?