4 Apps for the Busy Executive

By Jo Hague According to Tim Cook, the App Store has over 1 million available apps with more than 60 billion total apps being downloaded and many enterprises are creating business apps for both consumers and employees; 60% and 56% respectively. So the big question is: As a busy executive or director, “How do I choose?” I asked our C-Level staff at Likeable Media for their top apps that make their hectic lives a little bit easier.

1. Pulse

This is an Apple Design Award-winning app that changes the way you experience news reading by allowing you to tailor it to your needs. You can customize your feed from a wealth of trusted sources that deliver nuggets of the best content right to your device. See what’s trending worldwide and then save your favorites or share with your network. Candie Harris (COO of Likeable Media) says: "It allows me to quickly scan areas of interest and read news about them."

2. FaceTime

This is videotelephony, meaning that you can send and receive audio-video signals from people in different locations and in real-time. Basically, you can hold your meeting from anywhere in the world.  A hectic schedule means that you can’t always be in-person for your meetings so we often turn to email or phone for business. But sometimes it’s crucial to have that face-to-face interaction. FaceTime allows you to add that personal touch to your meetings--and it’s also great for keeping in touch with your family when you’re on the go!

3. LinkedIn

According to Dave Kerpen (Chairman of Likeable Media), LinkedIn provides "research for everyone I ever meet with.” This is a great resource not only for business owners and professionals, but also those searching for a job, provider, or business partner. Shannon Maguire (Community Manager & LinkedIn Network Champion at Likeable Media) says "it's amazing for networking because it's a living, breathing, resume! And you can essentially build the groundwork for your career all through social media" . If done well, it allows you to share searchable, rich content with the aim of nurturing successful connections. Look at this simple advice from Carrie Kerpen, Likeable Media’s CEO, on how to not get blocked on LinkedIn.

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4. Mailbox

The developers of this app say: “Mailbox makes getting to zero — and staying there — a breeze.” The main swipe function allows you to execute different commands: long swipe for trash and short swipe for archive. Furthermore, you can choose to have emails bounce back to you at a more convenient time and, more importantly, when you’re ready to deal with them. Disclaimer: May encourage procrastination!

BONUS: Storytellit*

This is a free tool that cleverly connects all of your social media accounts, helps you find or upload great content, and then schedules content for you depending on how often you want to post. Choose your industry so that only relevant content is shared. Decide which social accounts you want to post on. Personalize with fill-in-the-blank sections or your own uploaded photos. Find out how to cater Storytellit to your business here.

*Disclosure: Storytellit is affiliated with our sister company, Likeable Local.

What apps make your life easier?