The Biggest Mistake You're Making On Social Media [VIDEO]

Marketers, I have a newsflash for you: Many of us are doing social media entirely wrong. Last week, Socialbakers conducted a social media pulse check across 82 countries and 20 industries in order to discover what we're focusing on and, more important, what we're not. And do you know what they found? 61.7% of brands' social media strategies are focused on customer acquisition, while only 28.9% are focused on customer care. Let's think about that for a second. There's a huge disconnect here.

Social media is not search. On social media, brands are not competing with other brands. They're competing with pictures of my best friend's baby or engagement pictures. But more often than not, we are thinking of social media as search.

Here's one thing marketers need to focus on in order to shift this thinking.