The Dos and Don'ts of Twitter Content (In 140 Characters or Less)

By Amanda DiAntonio Twitter bird characterDetermining what content works for your brand on Twitter may seem like a guessing game at times, but as many brands have already discovered, finding the right content is like striking (social) gold. Since Twitter users are 3 times more likely to follow brands than Facebook users, developing a successful content strategy (or refreshing an old one) is not something that should be taken lightly. Below you will find a few dos and don'ts of Twitter content (and, in the spirit of brevity, each tip is 140 characters or less).

DO keep tweets short and concise. Even though you have 140 characters to play with, shorter is always better.

DON'T be a robot. Yes, you're trying to get your messages across in a limited space, but don't lose sight of your brand voice.


DO use relevant hashtags. Use hashtags related to your brand, but also keep an eye on popular or trending hashtags to use whenever possible.

DON'T overdo it on the Twitter syntax. While hashtags are imperative, try not to get #hashtaghappy.


DO know your audience. Identify who you're talking to and who you want to reach--then provide content that is valuable to them.

DON'T tweet for yourself. As a brand it is your job to think like your audience. Form relationships with consumers, and success will follow.


DO tweet about promotions and coupons. Who doesn't love coming across a great deal in their Twitter feed?

DON'T push sales. Posting about promotions and coupons is great, but it should not be all that you do. Your content should be well-rounded.


DO engage with both followers and non-followers. Take some time each day to reach out to users having conversations relevant to your brand.

DON'T use generic messaging. Sending the same messages to everyone you interact with is obvious and makes your brand seem unauthentic.


DO use images. Twitter is just becoming a more visual social network, but images seem to be boding well for those using them.

DON'T just use any image. Just like on other social networks, the images you post on Twitter should be creative and attractive.


What are your favorite tips and tricks for Twitter content? Share them in the comments below!