Your 2014 Masters Social Media Viewing Guide

By Dylan O'Shea Are you excited for the 2014 Masters, but worried about missing out on the action because you'll be stuck at work or won’t be able to get in front of a television?

Do not fear. Thanks to social media, you'll not only be able to catch every shot from your favorite golfer, but you'll also get about a hundred different perspectives as to why they chose to use a 5 iron instead of a 7 iron when hitting out of the bunker on 16.

Even sporting events as timeless and classic as the Masters find themselves adapting to the social media world we're living in.  Although you're still not allowed to bring your smartphone or tablet onto the course itself, you can follow along from anywhere--just about every golfer in the field has their own Twitter account, camera crew, and dedicated fan base feeding behind-the-scenes coverage from every angle.

And even though networks continue to see ratings for regular entertainment shows fall, ratings for sporting events continue to rise. "Big-event television is a great way for people to have a communal event, to talk about it socially and to talk about it as a group," said Bill Wanger, Executive Vice President Fox Sports.

Not only are more people watching large sporting events, but more people are talking about them, which will probably explain why every time you tune in this April you will  notice one large brand after another vying for your attention--both on the television screen, as well as the screen in your hand.

So if you find yourself unable to watch the Masters action on TV, follow along on social media and see which brands are taking advantage of the excitement.

There is a feed or website for everyone.  Below is a small sample selection:

  • @The_Masters – The tournament's dedicated twitter account.  Live updates surrounding the event from April 8 to April 14.
  • @TourWifeTravels - Wife of PGA Tour player Jimmy Walker, Erin brings her love of family, golf, and more to this account.
  • @TourCaddieJD - Josh Dickinson is a long-time Tour caddie who shares some great thoughts about life on the bag and on the road.
  • @RyanBallengee - Ryan's ability to look at any golf moment and find a unique angle  makes him a must-follow.

Or you can download one of these apps:

  • Augusta Golf – Get Masters® Tournament coverage on your iPad, iPhone and Android smartphone from The Augusta Chronicle, the newspaper that has covered every tournament since Bobby Jones and friends first held it in 1934.
  • The Masters Golf Tournament – Official app for the tournament with eight live video streams, highlights, and in-depth coverage.

Are you planning on following the Masters this year using social media? What are you expecting to see from sponsors?  Comment below!