3 Ways Brands Can Take Selfies

By Keith Murray


If you search #selfie on Instagram, you will find over 100 million pictures. It's safe to say that this trend is all the rage. But how can a brand use this trend to connect with their communities more? There are three ways brands can take selfies. 

1. Celebrity Status

I think we all know what happen at the Oscars this year: The biggest, most famous selfie ever was taken. This picture was heavily planned; Samsung utilized its partnership with ABC to have the Galaxy Note 3 take, arguably, the best selfie ever.

It will be difficult for a brand to replicate what Ellen and Samsung did, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few celebrity endorsers to take your selfie. (And maybe next time you can get someone with longer arms than Bradley Cooper to take it!)

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2. Be Spontaneous

Star Wars launched their Instagram account in December 2013 with an unexpected selfie from Darth Vader himself.

The important factor here was how they used an iconic figure in a fun, spontaneous way. To date, this selfie has over 67,000 likes and their account has 367,528 followers. Granted, the Star Wars following was already out there, but they definitely made a big splash on Instagram with their creative use of the selfie.

3. Brand Mascots

Duck first. Insurance second. That’s what many think first when someone mentions Aflac. The company took advantage of this mentality and created an Instagram account for their famous brand mascot.

Take this stat into consideration: According to Unmetric, 7 out of 10 brand mascots that used selfies saw increased engagement. So if you have a widely recognizable brand mascot, make sure you get them prepped for their pic.

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How can selfies be a part of your brand's marketing plan?