5 Tips to Make Your Blog Content More Likeable

By Kelvin Stiles “Content is king!” I bet every marketer has heard of this jingle almost a zillion times. But what it really entails is still a mystery for most. Understanding the science of content marketing and the essence behind this popular jargon calls for a lot of experimentation. Knowing how your target audience interprets your marketing message is the key to successful marketing campaign. However, it is easier said than done. The million dollar question is, how to write the right content to convey the message you want? No surprise, mediocrity in content is the shortest way to lose your valuable readership and increase bounce rate for your website. Low-quality content or a weak marketing message not just diminishes the meaning of your product message but it also frustrates the audience. Obviously no blog owner, be it a passionate personal blog or a corporate blog network, likes it when he scans website analytics just to witness a higher number of bounce rates. I empathize with bloggers who face such consequences. It is normal to feel disappointed in such situation as no blogger will like to see their hard work go in vain. So, if you are a professional blogger who desperately wants to engage their blog visitor, let’s dig into these content marketing tips I’ve learned over a period of time. 1. Tweak Your Title – Relevance Is The Key! Would you like reading an article on ‘benefits of Oranges’ that has a title “Slice It, Gallop It, And Freak Out!”? Does it even make sense? To me, No! It obviously sounds more like another spam post. You are not supposed to write to tempt the audience with the tangy taste of oranges. Instead, the articles calls for a well-researched and relevant title (and content too, off course!) covering the beneficial aspects of eating oranges.  If content is king, the title is the crown! The tone and relevance of your content makes a huge difference, sure it does, but it is the title that makes a visitor read the post. The overall connotation of your contents must show the value your content has to offer and spark interests for your target audience. SEE ALSO: 4 Simple Ways To Generate Innovative Ideas 2. Add Human Element – Tell The Story! Be human and always infuse the element in your content! How interesting it would be to read a robotic description of ingredients constituting Thai food? (Disclaimer: I love Thai Food!) No matter how relevant, I’m sure reading the composition of Thai food would not tickle my taste buds. People don’t like reading boring stuff. On the contrary, stories make people feel connected with the content and engagement drives when people can relate or interact with your experience. Telling your story helps you humanize your brand and establishes your authority in the subject. So, when writing your next blog post or product brochure, keep your target audience in mind and create stories they can relate to. 3. Be the Leader – Craft Opinions! People react to content that poses an opinion. Bloggers, who have personal opinions and in-depth expertise to share with people, also known as niche bloggers, are more popular compared to bloggers writing on generic topics. So if you want to put across your ideas effectively, create a leadership across few but focused topics in your niche market. Don’t hesitate to take a stand on hottest controversies in your industry, share expertise supported with facts, conduct online surveys to identify your core customer base and drive conclusions based on feedback. In the end, it is important to understand how the market is evolving and be on top of everything that is shaping your niche. SEE ALSO: How Blogging Can Land You A Job 4. Go Diverse – Write For Global Audience! Whether you are writing for a personal or corporate blog, demographics are a must know. It is important to understand the geographical and technical affiliations of your target audience. In fact, the more you know about your reader, the better you can write. Particularly when writing on a focused topic, be as comprehensive and clear as possible. It is recommended to write for a diverse reader base and be careful about different preferences and level of expertise (from naïve to influencers in your industry), because without making sense to them (and I mean all of them!), you might not be able to garner interest as desired. 5. Keep it Simple – No Jargons Please! Readers are human beings. (Off course, no surprise!) They have to feel a sense of belonging with the content they are reading. As a blogger, you have to build that connection with your audience so that both of you are on the same page. You can develop that connection only when you write as if you are talking to them. Bloggers often use business unnecessary terminologies and industry jargons under the impression that it will entice the readers. On the contrary, it only makes them sound mechanical and ultimately turns off the readers. Remember, engagement is understanding! And those complex jargons just do the opposite. BONUS: Love at First Sight: How to Make Readers Smitten with Your Blog Post So, do you have something to add to the list? Please share in the comments below! Kelvin Stiles is a Tech Enthusiast and Marketing Manager at SurveyCrest, an online survey software. He is also an avid blogger and a comic book fanatic.