5 Ways to Get Your Facebook Reach Back

By Tim Bosch Every day, the Facebook News Feed is capable of showing a user an average of 1,500 potential stories, but the network only prioritizes about 300 of these posts. Therefore, it’s essential that marketers know which posting tactics will keep a brand in users’ feeds. Below are 5 ways to start improving your Facebook reach today.

1. Allocate some budget to promoting posts to your fan base.

By using post promotion to reach more of your fans, you'll immediately help the overall health of your page. The more fans that engage with your posts (paid or not), the more connected they become to that page. This will increase the pool of fans who engage with your page and increase your organic reach over time. Plus, promoting posts to your fans guarantees an important message won’t get buried in the News Feed.

2. Create content that your fans really care about.

Your visibility in the News Feed depends on engagement like never before. Answer the question: What does your audience care about? One of the best ways to rise above the noise is to post about something topical that doesn't stray too far away from your voice (e.g. Opening Day Baseball, The Oscars, St. Patrick’s Day). Use Facebook’s native tools like Graph Search (example below) & Ads Manager to better understand your fans’ interests and behaviors. These posts should encourage engagement (likes, shares, comments) that will prime your fans for future conversions.

















3. Focus on video, photos, and link posts.

Reduce text-only posts. Previously, text updates reached a higher number of people than other formats. Those days are over. Marketers abused this tactic by creating unengaging text-based statuses. Typically these posts weren't stimulating to the user the way a photo or video often is. Always remember to be brief and visual. Think “more images more and less words” on social media. For photo posts and link posts, you should create content that is visually compelling with copy that’s short and sweet.

4. Pay attention to negative feedback in Facebook Insights.

One of the biggest changes to the News Feed algorithm is an increase in weight of negative feedback (found in Facebook Insights). It’s imperative to understand and monitor it. Pages receiving high levels of Negative Feedback have suffered a significant decrease in reach. Use the negative feedback to help you determine what type of content doesn't resonate with your community, and apply that thinking when you plan future content.

5. Start building a highly qualified audience.

With the drop in organic reach, it’s difficult to justify an ad spend for getting page likes. Even still, devoting some budget to growing a highly qualified fan-base is critical if your organic reach is low. Facebook has made it easy for advertisers to convert your best customers as fans with the arrival of custom audiences. Your total organic reach is still tied to your potential reach (i.e. your fan base). Invest in building a community of real customers and prospects and you will see your reach start to climb.

Simply stated: focus on quality content and stop chasing the algorithm. Facebook’s ultimate goal with the News Feed is to deliver users with the best content — thus, creating amazing content should always be your first priority. If you're looking for some more in depth information on how to get your Facebook Reach back, download my last white paper for free.

How have you handled the drop in organic reach on Facebook? Have you increased your social media advertising budget? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.