How to Use LinkedIn Publishing to Build Your Personal Brand

By Brian Murray

Earlier this year, LinkedIn opened their publishing platform to the general public. Posts will automatically be shared with your connections, making it easy to gain visibility. LinkedIn publishing is a must use platform for any professional. What you post will help build your business, your brand, and your resume. I actively use the platform, and have put together five tips for improving visibility, engagement, and quality. If don't already have access, you can apply for early access by clicking HERE.

Use Pictures

Pictures are a great way to get someone to connect with your post but it is even more important on LinkedIn. Posts without pictures don't stand out as much. My best performing posts have been ones where I used pictures I staged as opposed to stock photos or pictures I found on the internet.

Write More Information

Every good marketer knows the importance of the call to action. Write information about you, other posts you’ve written, and your contact information. I also recommend asking a question to increase engagement and show people that you are interested in creating an open dialogue.

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Experiment with Posting Times

I’ve posted Monday morning, Friday afternoon, and even on the weekend. I’ve seen mixed results. Afternoons don’t seem to perform well for my posts. Obviously there are a lot of external factors to consider. When I went to Dave Kerpen, who has published 108 posts, he said to avoid Monday, to post in the morning, and to give Sunday a shot. You have to consider who else is publishing, and what traffic is usually like on that day.

Drive Comments and Respond

Comments drive distribution beyond your network typical sharing and signal Linkedin to distribute your post more widely. Ask a specific question and ask for opinions.

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Always Consider Your Audience

Think about the type of people who are on LinkedIn and why they are there. My role has caused me to connect with three types of people: social media marketers, job seekers, and human resources professionals. Therefore, most of my posts are written with them in mind.

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Have you been publishing on LinkedIn? What are your tips? Who is your favorite person to follow on LinkedIn? For more tips, follow my posts on LinkedIn here.