3 Creative Ways Brands Use Tumblr


By Samy Simorangkir You may have been told that your brand should be on Tumblr. You may have also been told that content on the network has more longevity on average than on Facebook or Twitter. But you may still not know how to make Tumblr work for you.

True, Tumblr is not a good fit for every brand. But considering the available potential for visually beautiful content, as well as short-form and long-form written content, you shouldn't overlook the opportunities this platform has to offer. As inspiration to help you get started, here are three creative ways that brands can use Tumblr.

1. Create and curate visual content around a theme.

Tumblr is a space where people tend toward visually sharing ideas as a form of self-expression. Ford utilized this aspect of the platform to tie into its "And Is Better" campaign which aims to convince customers that they don't have to sacrifice amenities for fuel economy. The brand commissioned artists to create typographic art, Venn diagrams, and other striking visuals, as well as reblogged relevant found content. This is a prime example of sharing existing and original content that is not blatantly pushing the product, but rather ties into a general theme. Thus, the brand engaged a community that is interested in the intrinsic value that it's selling.

2. Tell stories.

To coincide with a brand re-haul to appeal to younger audiences--and to convey a more "homemade" image--TGI Fridays uses Tumblr to spotlight the "Makers Of America." The brand extend the theme beyond food, carefully selecting stories that appeal to its new intended audience (for instance, showcasing a college student's pop artwork).

In a partnership with Mashable, the Broadway musical If/Then also harnessed the storytelling power of Tumblr in a user-generated content campaign called "If Then Stories." The brand used the theme of the show's plot (one moment can drastically change the course of the rest of your life) to encourage users to share personal anecdotes on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr and then shared these on a Tumblr page where anyone can read the stories and reblog ones they like or relate to. Since the #IfThenStories hashtag is required on all of the content submitted, it helps promote the show in an organic way.

3. Launch something new.AMC took advantage of one quintessential fact about Tumblr:  much pop culture commentary happens here. The brand made Halt And Catch Fire the first series to premiere on Tumblr--and in doing so, brought its content to a space where people would likely be discussing it afterwards. It generated hundreds of thousands of views and plenty of social media buzz.

Is your brand on Tumblr? Why or why not? Share in the comments below!